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What to Wear at Festivals

What to Wear at Festivals – A Guide to Festival Clothing

When you’re loading up your festival trolley or wheelbarrow with crates of beer and camping equipment it can be easy to forget those essential items for your festival wardrobe!

From downpours of biblical proportions to scorching hot summer days it can be difficult to know what to pack when it comes to clothes for festivals, but having just a few essential items of clothing will get you through a range of weather conditions.

Rain Ponchos – Can they really be stylish?!

The idea of donning a rain poncho is probably more than the fashion conscious festival goers among you can bear, but there are simple and stylish options available, believe it or not.

Clear rain ponchos are a great idea if you’ve gone to town on your clothing ensemble that day and don’t want to cover your favourite band tee with an unflattering poncho! These ponchos tick all the boxes, keeping you dry and allowing you to be stylish at the same time.

Patterned rain ponchos are another fashionable option, with a wide range of designs available from floral prints for the ladies to camo patterns for the guys, you can be sure that you’ll look funky whilst keeping dry in one of those bad boys!

If you’re going to a few festivals during the summer, investing in a re-usable rain poncho is more economical than buying lots of disposable ones and these also have a much better quality.

If you’re wondering how you’ll store the poncho until you need it, don’t worry, many of our ponchos come with handy pouches, we even have one that comes in a handy plastic ball with a clip to attach it you your bag or belt loop!

Waterproof Jackets - Defeat wet and windy weather

If rain ponchos aren’t really your style, then a waterproof jacket could be a feasible alternative for you. Again, these are available in a range of colours and styles and will keep you dry in a downpour.

Another benefit of waterproof jackets would be on windy and chilly days in the festival arena, many rain jackets have windproof designs and are also more breathable than disposable rain ponchos.

You may also find that waterproof jackets will give a more flattering and stylish fit compared to rain ponchos.

Treat your Feet – Festival Footwear

Soggy feet are guaranteed to ruin your festival fun, so investing in some funky festival wellies is essential to ensure the weather doesn’t rain on your parade!

Not only do wellies keep your feet dry and protected from the mud bath that is the festival arena, but they also make your feet look funky and stylish to boot (pun intended). We also stock a range of half height wellies, so you can avoid uncomfortable, sweaty calves when the sun comes out.

Many festival goers prepare for the worst case scenario but this can lead to sweaty and uncomfortable feet if the sun comes out. In case this does happen, make sure you have some flip flops for when you’re chilling back at camp and some trainers or pumps for hitting the arena.

Avoid flip flops in the mosh pit at all costs, unless you fancy a case of sore and badly trampled feet – your poor exposed tootsies are no match for the pair of Doc Martens next to you!

Keeping Warm – It’s all about the layers

Even if it’s been a scorcher during the day, it can get pretty chilly on an evening! Nestling yourself into the crowd will definitely keep you warm for a while but when the music revellers disperse, you’ll start to feel the chill.

Hoodies and jumpers are a must for festivals or even putting an extra t-shirt on should help ward off the night time chills. Obviously if it’s raining too, we would always suggest a waterproof jacket as this will keep you both warm and dry.

Ladies, we all know that shorts and cute summer dresses are the choice festival clothing for many of you, but your legs may start to feel pretty chilly on an evening. One word…Tights. Make sure you pack a few pairs and keep some in your bag for when it gets cold!

Another great way of keeping warm on chilly evenings is with some hand and body warmers – just snap and shake them and pop them in your hands or pocket for some extra warmth.

The sun has got his hat on, have you?

“I’m not a hat person” ain’t gonna cut it when the sun is beating down on your head, and with so many stylish options from straw sun hats to fedoras available, you might as well indulge yourself in some style whilst making the sensible option and keeping the sun off your head!

Some hats are great for keeping you warm on a night, Peruvian and trapper style hats are particularly good for this and look fashionable too.

If you pack these festival clothing essentials, you can’t go far wrong – it’s always better to be prepared and it’s possible to do so without packing your entire wardrobe!