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Airbeds & Sleeping Mats

Airbeds & Sleeping Mats

Festival camping is all about slumming it and making do, but when you stagger back to your tent on a night or the early hours of the morning, a comfy airbed or sleeping mat would probably be a welcome sight!

Forget sleeping on the hard, lumpy and uncomfortable ground at festivals, the last thing you want is to wake up with backache when you've got a long day of moshing ahead of you. Airbeds give you that added bit of comfort and luxury, which is hard to come by when you're sleeping in a field for days!

Our range of camping airbeds & sleeping mats offers cheap options for sleeping comfort, including classic foam sleep mats, airbeds and self inflating mats.


Highlander Foam Sleeping Mat

RRP: £4.99
save 20%