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Festival Toiletries

Festival Toiletries
Stock up on toiletries for the weekend and make sure you stay as clean and hygienic as possible! All the toiletries in our range are designed to be compact and easy to stash in your bag for the duration of the festival, ready to be unpacked and used for a quick hygiene fix when you need it!

We've got toothbrushes and toothpaste to ensure your dental hygiene doesn't suffer as well as dry shampoo to help keep greasy hair at bay if you don't get around to washing it. In addition to these toiletries, we also have some great wash accessories such as all in one soap, designed for washing your body, hair, dishes and food! Or you could grab a pack of soap leaves to prevent toiletry leakages and save even more space in your bag.


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Disposable Toothbrush

RRP: £1.99
save 50%
Towel Off Expandable Wipes - Pack of 4

Camping Mirror

Mini Shampoo Leaves

Soap & Laundry Leaves

RRP: £2.99
save 33%
Out of stock
Pits & Bits No Water Body Wash

Pits & Bits No Water Shampoo - Coconut

Soap Leaves

All in One Soap

Body Wipes

Zerreau Strawberry Waterless Shampoo

RRP: £3.99
save 13%
Unbreakable Mirror

Bottle Shower

RRP: £10.99
save 14%
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