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How to Keep Clean at Festivals

How to Keep Clean at Festivals

Music festivals are no doubt one of the highlights of summer, care free fun in the sun (or rain, more than likely), rocking out to your favourite bands and quite possibly having one too many in the process. However, there is one challenge facing festival goers every single year…keeping clean!

The Filthy Fox Team are here to impart their top tips for festival cleanliness, with advice on must have products to make your life easier and general survival tips for a more fragrant and pleasant festival experience.

Welcome to Waterless Washing…

Year after year, you’ve probably found yourself dashing to the supermarket and arming yourself with stacks of baby wipes for the festival weekend. While these are good for a quick freshen up when you re-group at camp, they will not eliminate odours or leave you feeling fresh for very long.

Fear not, there is a way to get a decent wash at festivals, without even needing to use water! It sounds like a myth, we know, but a range of waterless washing products have been developed to make keeping clean at festivals possible.

No water shampoo, conditioner and body wash can be applied to your hair/body and massaged in to keep you nice and clean, all you do is towel dry afterwards. Some of these fantastic products and a quick drying towel are a must for festival season.

Of course, the festival goer’s favourite, dry shampoo still has a place in our hearts. This is perfect for refreshing your hair in between washes. It’s also ideal for when you’re short of time, with a matter of minutes before your favourite band take to the stage!

To make waterless washing nice and easy, we’ve got a range of accessories that go hand in hand with our waterless body wash, including wash mits and expanding cleaning wipes.

Drying Off…

A towel is a must have for festivals, and we don’t mean a huge bath towel from home! We’re talking quick drying, microfibre towels, their space saving alternative!

These towels are compact, lightweight and super absorbent to soak up the rain water if you’re caught in a downpour. They’re also great for drying off after getting clean in the showers or in the comfort of your own tent, with waterless wash gear.

Some quick drying towels also come with anti-bacterial protection, this helps prevent odours and mould from developing.

Conquer Mud…

Keeping your feet dry and as mud free as possible is essential to having a more comfortable festival experience. It’s easy to feel defeated once your feet start to feel soggy and your patience will quickly wane when you’re stood in the arena for hours feeling uncomfortable!

Festival wellies may seem a little clichéd but they are a must have item of footwear for the weekend, even if it doesn’t rain, they’ll keep your feet clean when you head for the festival toilets.

Tuck your jeans into them to keep them clean, too, there’s nothing worse than trying to scrape off caked on mud the next day.

Surviving Festival Toilets…

Two things keys things to remember here, antibacterial gel and of course, toilet roll!

Festival toilets are without a doubt the worst thing about festivals. The person in front most likely has the worst aim possible or the person before that has left you a nice present to remember them by! Don’t worry though, there are ways of getting through this ordeal, just make sure you’re prepared with a few handy essentials.

As long as you’ve packed your anti-bacterial hand gel and toilet roll you can’t go far wrong, but you could also invest in a head torch to help you see where you’re going and WHAT you’re sitting in inside that cubicle. Another must would be wellies, these protect your feet from the toilet floors, flip flops aint gonna cut it!

Some festival goers have been known to take toilet seat covers, this is a great way to protect yourself from sitting in something unpleasant, you could also take some anti-bacterial wipes and give the seat a quick once over.

Why not grab yourself  a festival toilet survival twin pack and arm yourself for the toilet festival experience?! Each pack contains a toilet seat cover, sliver of soap, paper hand towel and some toilet tissue.

Go Solar…

Now this option really does depend on the weather, but if you fancy a shower during the festival, there is an alternative to queuing for the festival showers…Go solar!

Solar showers are handy gadgets for festival season, simply fill them up with water and hang them up outside your tent. The sun rays will heat up the water inside and you’ll be able to hose yourself down and get a good wash to rid yourself of mud and mosh pit sweat.

Don’t Neglect your Gnashers…

When you’ve had a long day and night of partying, brushing your teeth is probably not high on your list of priorities when you finally get back to camp.

You’d be surprised at how much more refreshed you’ll feel after you indulge those pearly whites with a brushing and a quick swig of mouthwash, and who wants stale beer breath the next morning anyway?!

Grab yourself a disposable toothbrush if you’re worried about losing your one from home to the mud, they’re cheap as chips and will do the job for the duration of the weekend.

By following our festival hygiene tips, we hope you can have a much more comfortable and less filthy festival experience!