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Top 10 Funky Wellies

Like it or not, festivals and wellies go hand in hand and with the weather in Britain being somewhat unpredictable, investing in a pair for festival season is essential!

Whenever we think of wellies, we typically think of those classic ‘farmer style’ ones and quite possibly cringe at the thought of spending all weekend trudging about looking less than stylish! Contrary to popular belief, stylish and funky festival wellies are out there and we’re about to give you the rundown of our top ten…

Dunlop Men’s Black Wellies

Let’s start with one for the guys, these black men’s wellies by Dunlop offer a great alternative to traditional green ‘farmer’ wellies and they’ll go with everything!

Ladies Circles Festival Wellies

There’s a certain psychedelic 70’s vibe about these ladies circle wellies – perfect for party animals and dancing the night away.

Funky Floral Festival Wellies

Floral festival wellies are a popular option with female festival goers, making your feet look a treat, even when they’re caked in mud! This pair comes in a lovely shade of purple with a multi-coloured floral pattern.

Dunlop Men’s Half Height Wellies

Another choice for men, these little beauties are half the height of standard wellies, preventing sweaty legs when the sun decides to shine!

They also come in black for that added touch of style!

Ladies Trainer Festival Wellies

So the rain has put a stop to you wearing your converse trainers, or has it?

These fab wellies look just like stylish, baseball style trainers, but will keep your feet dry and protected from mud.

Evercreatures Blue & White Striped Wellies

Chic and extremely on trend, these nautical style blue and white striped wellies look great with any festival outfit.

Slip them on for instant festival glamour!

Action Man Festival Wellies

When you’re battling your way through those muddy festival fields, what better companion than these camo ‘action man’ style wellies?

Who said there wasn’t a funky welly option for guys?

Navy Ladies Adjustable Wellies

With a slim line fit and simplistic navy colour, these adjustable ladies wellies are extremely stylish, and will go with most of your festival wardrobe.

Not only do they look great, but they’re super comfy with an adjustable calf for an improved fit.

Pink Wellies

Here’s the one all you girly girls have probably been waiting for, pink wellies!

These ones come in a funky hot pink colour and have a light pink contrast for added style. The perfect way to ensure you’re pretty in pink during the festival.

Evercreatures Cow Print Wellies

As you'll most likely be spending most of your festival experience trudging around fields, these cow print wellies seem a fitting footwear choice!

Their cow print pattern will make you stand out from the crowd, and they're extremely comfortable with a moulded in-sole!

Choosing the Right Wellies

So there you have it, our top ten festival wellies, but which ones are right for you?

Many festival goers complain that wellies are too tight around their calves; this problem can be combatted with half height wellies or a pair with an adjustable calf strap. Wide fitting options are also available, which are great if you want to wear welly socks as well!

With the weather in the UK being so unpredictable, we often find ourselves unsure of what to pack for festivals. However, come rain or shine, wellies are a must. If it’s raining they’ll keep your feet dry and mud free and if it’s dry, they’re a great way to protect your feet from the festival toilet floors!

Obviously when it’s hot, the last thing you want is to have your legs encased in thick rubber wellies, so we would recommend investing in a half height pair to remedy this problem.

Wellington Accessories

Once you’ve chosen your wellies for festival season, you may also want to consider the several options available in terms of accessories.

Welly socks are a great way to keep blisters at bay and keep your feet warm when the weather turns sour, available in fleecy options for added padding and warmth. They usually come with a fold over cuff, too, so you can fold them over the top of your wellies to stop them sliding down.

After a long day of trudging your way through the mud bath that is the festival arena, you’ll find yourself in need of somewhere to stash those muddy welly boots! A welly storage bag is a great solution, you may think that stashing your wellies in the porch of your tent is fine, but when your tent mates tread mud inside whilst passing through, you’ll quickly wish you’d reconsidered the storage bag!

Now we’ve armed you with some funky and stylish options for your festival footwear needs, we hope you can make a more informed decision when choosing you wellies for festival season.