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Festival Trolley Guide

A Guide to Festival Trolleys

Unless you fancy yourself as a glorified mule, you’re probably going to need a better way of transporting your camping equipment, clothing, food and festival essentials from the car park to the camp site. Sure, you can load up a backpack with your clothing and other bits and bobs, but when it comes to crates of beer, BBQ’s and 4-man tents, you’ll probably wish you’d thought to buy a festival trolley for the long slog to the festival camp site!

Types of Festival Trolley

There are three main types of trolley that campers tend to use at festivals, here we give you the breakdown of each type, and the features you can expect them to have.

The Luggage Trolley

This type of trolley is generally associated with carrying travel luggage, and generally comes with a folding aluminium or steel frame. In terms of the load capacity they can hold, you can expect this type of trolley to hold anywhere from 25kg to 50kg of luggage. Common features include a folding design, shaped or padded handle area and elasticated bungee cords to hold your equipment in place. This style of trolley is often compact to store when you’re not using it, so it will easily fit in the porch area of your tent when folded away.

The Shopper Trolley

It may seem strange, but many festival goers now use shopping style trolleys to transport their festival gear from A to B. One big advantage of this style of trolley is that they enclose your gear, so if there’s a downpour on the way from the car to the camp site, you stand a better chance of keeping your stuff dry. As they are generally designed to transport shopping, they tend to come with a shaped handle for comfortable towing and they also come with kick stands, so they won’t easily tip over when you stand them up.

The Off-Road Wagon Trolley

The mother of all festival trolleys, these are great for families and groups of festival-goers! Off-Road Wagon trolleys come with 4 wheels, as opposed to the standard 2 wheel options on the market. In terms of load capability, these trolleys are designed to hold much more weight compared to other styles of trolley.

Generally, you can expect festival wagons to hold between 70-100kg of weight, so they’re perfect for carrying larger tents, several sleeping bags, crates of beer, camping chairs and bags. They are also popular with families attending festivals, especially those with smaller children, as parents often use them to transport the little ones around when they get too tired! The wheels are much more robust compared to standard festival trolleys and they feature a longer handle, which provides better leverage when pushing and pulling heavier loads…no matter what the terrain.

Things to Consider When Buying a Festival Trolley

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to choosing your festival trolley, make a quick and uninformed decision and you may find yourself facing trouble further down the road…or on the walk from the car park to the camp site, to be more precise.

1) Who is the trolley for?

We’ve touched on this subject when we discussed the three main types of festival trolley, but considering whether or not the trolley is simply for your own gear or for a group of people will help you determine which trolley is the right one for the job. If you’ve got a heap of gear to transport, do yourself a favour and invest in one of the festival wagons. They may be more expensive, but you can split the cost between the group!

2) How much weight are you going to be carrying?

Once you know roughly what gear you’re taking, you should have a rough idea of how much your stuff is going to weigh. Once you have an approximate weight in mind, you can begin checking out the specifications of each potential festival trolley. Don’t scrimp and get the cheapest trolley available if you’re carrying heavy loads, chances are it won’t hold as much weight as you need it to! By overloading your festival trolley, you run the risk of it falling to pieces on your way to the camp site…Inconvenient? VERY.

3) What features does the trolley have?

If you’re in the market for a standard festival trolley, desirable features include a comfortable towing handle, good quality wheels, compact design and elasticated bungee cords to secure your gear.

If you’re looking at larger wagon style trolleys good quality wheels and a comfortable towing handle are also a must, but if you’re also going to be using it to transport young children, you may also want to consider their comfort and if it’s durable and safe enough to hold them. Although, they’re not as compact as standard trolleys, you may also want to look into their size once they’re packed away to ensure you can fit it inside your tent when you’re not using it.

Festival Trolley Alternatives

Some festival goers choose to steer clear of festival trolleys, and have their own methods of getting their camping gear from A to B. Some are pretty handy, others are pretty ridiculous…But we’ll let you be the judge of that…

The Sledge

Now this one we like, especially when the terrain is wet, muddy and uneven! Many campers choose to load up sledges with their camping gear. While they won’t hold loads of gear, they’ll help get your tent and beers through the mud easily. Our only negative would be that they don’t offer as much control as a trolley as they don’t have a sturdy handle.

The Wheeled Suitcase

For us, this method falls into the ridiculous category. While a music festival can be seen as a holiday, it is no place for your best travel luggage! Year after year, we see pictures of fashionistas wheeling their suitcase through the Glasto mud…and every time we cringe at the sight. Wheeled suitcases are designed for travel, not for wheeling through the mud.

The Wheelie Bin

This one we don’t approve of! It’s not particularly common, but we’ve seen a number of festival goers using wheelie bins to transport their camping gear to the festival camp site. These often don’t make it back to tell the tale, so save yourself the hassle of trying to get yourself a new bin once you return home...they're also pretty large, so getting one to the festival could prove a bit of a nightmare!!

So there you have it, a guide to festival trolleys. We hope this helps you make the right choice when it comes to deciding how to transport your festival gear to the camp site.