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5 Must Have Accessories for Festival Toilet Survival

The toilets are arguably everyone’s least favourite part of festival season. If you’re a hardened festival goer you’ve probably got your own techniques for making the experience more bearable, but if you’re a festival virgin, you’re probably dreading those festival toilet trips! While nobody relishes the thought of hovering over a stinking pit to do their business every day, it’s all part of the festival experience, but there are ways to make those toilet trips easier and more hygienic. So without further ado, here are our 5 must have accessories for festival toilet survival, with some other handy tips thrown in for good measure.


1) Head Torch

This one may come as a surprise, as it’s not a hygiene accessory. Believe us when we say these bad boys are a godsend for trips to the festival toilets, as well as for the walk back to your tent. You’ll find that it’s pretty dark inside those toilet walls, and you don’t want to be standing or sitting in god only knows what! Of course there’s the option of using a normal torch, but this doesn’t leave your hands free for clinging to the toilet walls while trying to hover (we don’t all have thigh muscles of steel, unfortunately!) or for holding on to your toilet roll. So a head torch is a great way to keep your hands free whilst being able to see what you’re doing…even though the sight might not be particularly pretty in those toilet stalls!

2) Good to Go Anywhere Wipes

You’ll wonder where these have been all your life once you’ve used them at festivals! The pack contains 3 different wipes, one cleansing wipe, one sanitising wipe and a dry tissue. So you can use one of the wipes for a quick toilet seat wipe down, the dry tissue for once you’ve done your business and the sanitising wipe to clean your hands after, ridding you of any nasty germs that may be lurking. Of course, we always recommend having some hand gel with you as well, this will help you to avoid an upset stomach which could ruin the festival for you!

3) Portable Urinal

This one is more for the female festival goers. If the thought of sitting on the toilet seat makes you cringe, then having your own urinal device is a great way to avoid it. Portable urinals allow you to pee whilst standing up, so you can avoid sitting on festival toilets all together…however when it comes to number 2, it really can’t help you! For guys and girls, there is also the option of a disposable urinal, which is attached to a bag and filled with special crystals for turn urine into an easy to dispose gel…great when you can’t be bothered trekking to the toilets for a wee!

4) Toilet Roll

Having your own roll of toilet paper or pack of pocket tissues is essential for festival toilet visits. Make sure you store it somewhere it can’t get wet and ensure you’ve packed enough to last you for the weekend. Some people prefer to bring packs of pocket tissues rather than a roll, as they’re easier to carry and come in a packet to keep them dry! If you’re feeling a bit fancy, you could even bring a pack of wet wipe toilet roll, and these could also be used for a quick toilet seat wipe down before you go!

5) Wellies

Whether it’s raining or not is irrelevant when it comes to paying a visit to the toilets. Peoples aim can be questionable at the best of times, but when they’re drunk it will probably result in a pool of waste on the floor. Protect your feet from the inevitable grime on the toilet floors and wear wellies when you nip to the loo…it’s not only urine that makes its way onto the floor, trust us.

Some other toilet survival tips…

  • Keep an eye out for the sewage trucks – this will mean the toilets have just been cleaned and will be more bearable for a short period of time. Get in there while you can!

  • Keep up with your hand hygiene, wash your hands after every toilet visit and when hand washing facilities aren’t available make sure you use some anti-bacterial hand gel.

  • Go to the toilet in the arena, as these toilets tend to be cleaned more often. If you want privacy try and go when a big headliner is on, as there won’t be as many people around!

  • Don't store phones, wallets and other items in your pockets, this could result in your phone falling into the cesspit below...and if you try and go in after it you run the risk of being the next 'poo girl'...

  • Hangovers can result in an upset stomach, as can food from some of the festival food stalls! Make sure you've packed some diarrhoea tablets just in case.