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Festival Toilets & Accessories

Festival Toilets & Accessories

When nature calls, the thought of a visit to the dreaded festival toilets is enough to turn anyone's stomach! Here at Filthy Fox, we've put together a fantastic range of festival toilets and accessories, to make the experience less daunting, cleaner and easier, whether you're male or female!

Our range features disposable festival toilets that turn urine into an odourless, easy to dispose gel and reusable urinal devices that provide a more environmentally friendly option for all you 'Green' festival goers.

We even have portable female urinals, so you don't have to worry about sitting on dirty toilet seats or trying your best to hover! Now you can wee like a man with our range of toilet accessories for women, including the Whiz. If none of these options appeal, we've also go more conventional camping loos, which you can use in the comfort of your own tent.


Festival Toilet Seat Covers

RRP: £2.49
save 20%
Festival Toilet Roll

Easy Pee Female Urinal

Disposable Festival Toilets x3

RRP: £6.99
save 29%