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Groundsheets and Sit Mats

Groundsheets and Sit Mats
There's nothing better than laying back on the grass and watching the bands on stage, especially if you've had a long day in the crowds...but what if it's wet after a downpour? Don't worry! Our selection of waterproof groundsheets and handy foam sit mats make it possible to sit on the ground without getting your bum wet or cold!

Not only are groundsheets great for protecting you from the damp ground, they can also be used to create makeshift shelters back at camp, whether it's to protect you from the sun or rain. You can also use one for sunbathing outside your tent, if the sun decides to make an appearance after a rain shower...the weather does like to surprise us Brits after all!


Waterproof Sit Mat

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Waterproof Groundsheet

Inflatable Festival Lounger - Blue

RRP: £21.99
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