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Festivals entail a hell of a lot of standing, so every now and again it's only fair to give your poor old feet a rest! We've got some great festival camping chairs, sit mats and inflatable loungers available for when you're ready to take a load off, regroup and decide your plan of action for the rest of the day!

Our festival chairs come in a variety of colours and patterns to suit both men and women, so you can be sure there is a chair for you. We also have groundsheets if you want to sit on the floor after a downpour!


Waterproof Sit Mat

RRP: £1.99
save 50%
Waterproof Groundsheet

Inflatable Festival Lounger - Blue

RRP: £21.99
save 59%
Monochrome Folding Festival Chair

RRP: £14.99
save 13%