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Festival Essentials Checklist

When it comes to packing for festival season a couple of items can make all the difference to your comfort and overall enjoyment of the weekend. Forget to pack a waterproof and you could quite possibly end up drenched from head to toe, feeling cold and miserable. Forget to pack some decent wash gear and you might find that your festival buddies give you a wide berth after a couple of days!

Waterproof rain poncho

Clothing and footwear

It goes without saying that you’ll need to pack clothes for the weekend. Although many festivals take place at the height of summer you can still find yourself feeling the chill on an evening, so make sure you pack a jumper or two.

The unfortunate thing for us Brits is that we can never really trust the weather to behave itself, so prepare for rain or scorching hot sun. For rainy days, wellies and a rain poncho or waterproof jacket are a must. If the sun has got his hat on, you should follow suit and protect your head... you’ll be stood in the heat for hours, so this should help keep the sun off your head and prevent sunstroke. A pair of sunglasses are also great for sunny days.

Note for the ladies: Tights are a god-send for chilly evenings and won’t take up much space in your bag, so bring a few pairs!

Blue pop up tent

Camping gear

If you’re camping at the festival, you’ll need the basic pieces of camping equipment and possibly something to help you lug it all over from the car park to the camp site. Don’t forget to bring plenty of food for the weekend to avoid paying inflated prices at food stalls!

Tent: This one goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway! Pop up styles tend to be a more popular choice compared to standard dome shaped tents. Simply pull it out of the bag and peg it down, no more messing around with poles and flysheets.

Sleeping bag: Granted you might not feel like sleeping much during the festival, but unless you’re the Terminator you’re sure to want to grab a few hours sleep at some point! You may also want to consider a pillow for some added comfort.

Trolley/Wheelbarrow/Sledge: Whether you invest in a luggage trolley or simply raid the garage or shed for a sledge or wheelbarrow, you’ll find carting all your camping gear much easier with one of these to load everything on to.

Chair/Ground Sheet: Festivals entail a lot of standing and walking around, so after a long day you’ll be glad to have something to sit on back at camp.

Camping stove: If you plan on cooking your own meals, a stove is a must. We recommend going for a hexamine(solid fuel) option, as many festivals no longer permit gas stoves.

Torch: A torch is a must! Here at Filthy Fox, we tend to opt for a head torch as they are great for when you visit the toilets at night, allowing you to keep your hands free.

No water required shampoo and body wash

Toiletries and washing

OK, so some festival-goers might not care too much about this aspect, but we know that there are many of you that find the idea of not washing for days unthinkable!

Baby wipes: These are great for a freshen up but won’t deodorise or properly clean you, so we recommend the next item on our list of washing essentials for a more thorough wash...

No water body wash: Since we discovered waterless body wash, it has quickly become one of our festival staples! Simply massage in and towel dry and you’ll feel squeaky clean…you don’t need water, so you can wash in your tent and avoid the shower queues.

Quick Dry Towel: These are a fraction of the size of a normal towel and weigh next to nothing. They can be used to dry off after you get caught in the rain or for drying yourself after showers or washing with no water body wash.

Dry Shampoo: Again, another great item for a freshen up in-between washes. We do find that after a couple of days we’re still desperate to wash our hair, though…see the next item on our list to remedy this problem.

No water shampoo: We’re not saying ditch the dry shampoo, but when your hair finally needs a good wash, this shampoo can be applied to hair, massaged in and towel dried…without water!

Toothbrush and toothpaste: Don’t bring your toothbrush from home, get yourself a folding one with some travel sized/mini toothpaste to last the weekend.

Sanitising hand gel

Health and hygiene

Keeping yourself healthy at festivals can be tricky, but there are a few things you can pack to help you out!

Hand Gel/Anti-bacterial wipes: After trips to the toilets you’ll be glad you have this to hand. Hand gel or anti-bacterial wipes can also be useful before you prepare food, helping to prevent stomach bugs and illness.

Paracetamol: Whether it’s self-inflicted through drinking or you simply come down with a nasty headache or other type of pain, having some painkillers to hand is a wise move!

Disposable Urinals: These are great for ladies who want to avoid the unpleasant toilets or for when you simply don’t want to crawl out of your tent in the middle of the night to visit the toilet.

Sun Cream: It might seem unlikely, but if it’s sunny you’ll need to ensure you protect yourself with some sun cream!

Orange ear plugs


Here are some other handy essentials to consider...

Ear Plugs: Protect your ears and also use them to block out noise when you fancy some sleep.

Duct tape: Great for quick fixes, be it a broken tent pole, ripped tent or a pair of leaky wellies!

Condoms: You never know when you might get lucky, so make sure you’ve got protection!

Download your Festival Essentials Checklist

Download your
Festival Essentials Checklist

Our cut out and keep festival essentials checklist will help to ensure that you don’t leave anything behind when it’s time to pack